Minggu, 18 April 2010

Download girl games ( game fashion untuk cewek)

Girl games adalah game-game yang didesain khusus untuk cewek, dalam permainan game tersebut ada permainan tata rias, dan design kecantikan , fashion design terdiri dari beberapa game yaitu Girls Games (A set of games for young women who want to be fashionable),Girls Games Cute Pack (Edit your own puppy. Huge choice of stuff such as fashionable clothes, cool shoes, accesories, rings, bracelets and other jewellery),Girl Games Glittery Kit (Glittery Kit you can create characters full of fashionable clothes and glamurous jewellery), Girl Games Season (Creativity set for every young woman. There is a wide choice of clothes and accesories for each season: whole set of wardrobe stuf plus boots and shoes), Girl Games Special Occasions (Those three special games will let you make up unique fashion creations),Farm Frenzy (There's a lot to like about the latest incarnation of Farm Frenzy)

Untuk mendownlaod game di atas, bisa download disini Game girl

Agar bisa dijalankan di komputer, maka di komputer harus diinstal flash player

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